New house problems

3110, 2016

New House

October 31st, 2016|New house problems|Comments Off on New House

Problems found in a recently inspected northern suburb new house


Builders seem to have lost sight of importance of fitting flashing’s around openings and rely too much on sealants that deteriorate from normal weather conditions, also crack from different rates of expansion and contraction between different products used in construction. This can allow seepage and potential […]

1107, 2016

New house, drainage problem

July 11th, 2016|Drainage, New house problems|Comments Off on New house, drainage problem


A newly built large house in the inner city area.

As you can see the steps lack railings (for safety) they also lead down from both sides to a paved area with less than 60mm between levels of the outside and inside with an inadequate drain. This unfortunately allowed water entry to the lower living […]

1605, 2016

Inadequate roof truss support

May 16th, 2016|Dangerous structures, New house problems, Roof Problems|Comments Off on Inadequate roof truss support

This is not the correct way to support and secure junction of roof trusses, of a hipped roof. The hip trusses should have extended over the supporting truss. The supporting roof truss should also have been appropriately reinforced. I have seen this method of roof construction fail causing the trusses to drop through the ceiling […]

707, 2015

Design faults in new buildings

July 7th, 2015|New house problems|0 Comments

Photo of exposed bearers of a designer house with no protection against the weather also secured to the steel columns with inadequate, roof screws. There won’t be very much support when these screws rust. What were the designer and builder thinking! 12mm galvanized bolts for securing with appropriate flashing above required to avoid rotting and […]

706, 2015

Damage to sewer pipes from paving movement to a new house

June 7th, 2015|New house problems|0 Comments

Movement of paving can cause damage to sewer pipes. Paving around a new building that has moved may cause damage to the sewer pipes that are incorporated within it. Proper clearances required around the pipes to allow for movement.



2805, 2015

Dangerous fitting of wiring

May 28th, 2015|New house problems, Wiring|Comments Off on Dangerous fitting of wiring


New house with wiring to roof interior fitted over metal gang nails of the roof trusses. Very dangerous for anyone climbing in the roof. Without any extra effort all the electrician had to do was re-route the wires to the sides.