Roof design fault that will cause premature rusting of sheeting.

Bad design for a roof. QBIS.

Bad design for roof

This is one of the most stupid ideas for a roof I have come across, due to the method of construction being back the front.

Bad design for a roof:

  • Roof sheets overhanging the gable ends are supported from framing above, not from underneath.
  • This is causing accumulation of debris, leaking of the roof and rusting to the roof sheeting.
  • A competent builder would have questioned the designer and recommended a more practical solution.

Some builders don’t realise they are the ones that must guarantee and rectify the problem regardless of a design fault.

Recommended rectification:

  • Remove roof sheeting.
  • Reconstruct with proper support below the roof sheeting.

This roof construction idea would be costly to rectify.

Some material that may be of use:

QBCC Booklet on Acceptable Tolerances

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