How Unlicensed building and pest inspectors, are carrying out inspections around Brisbane.

Unlicensed building and pest inspectors and dangers of employing if you don’t do your research and ask the right questions! QBIS.

What you need to know about unlicensed building and pest inspectors!

  • Companies can “LEGALLY” employ unlicensed inspectors, without ANY EXPERIENCE & WITHOUT SUPERVISION.
  • It is not a QBCC requirement for any licensed person from a company to be at the property at the time to supervise an unlicensed building or pest inspection they employ!
  • A report carried out by an unlicensed inspector will not be covered by professional indemnity insurance. Ask any insurance company!

Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) contact number: 139 333.  Ask them WHY they have allowed this to happen!

Example of how a buyer was almost conned by reports carried out by an unlicensed building and pest inspector.

Sellers building & pest reports made available to potential buyers of a property in Graceville

  • A QBCC search revealed that both the building and pest inspectors were not licensed to carry out their inspections.
  • Both inspectors were employed by a well known building & pest company that claim they send out two  “qualified people” to carry out inspections.
  • Neither were licensed, therefore not covered by indemnity insurance.
  • Many items (that would be of concern to a buyer) were either omitted or grossly understated, in both reports.

How a large building and pest inspection company gets away with employing unlicensed inspectors.

A recent website page search of a large Building and Pest control inspection service in Brisbane.

  • Although each individual claimed to carry licenses and insurance, in their particular field.

How employing a company that uses unlicensed inspectors can affect you!

  • Using an unlicensed inspector may breach your contract and jeopardise your potential for renegotiation regarding major faults. Check with your legal representative.
  • Individuals that are not licensed and employed by companies will not be covered by insurance if a claim is made against them.
  • Contact any insurance company that supplies indemnity cover for Building & pest control firms. Ask the insurance company if they would cover anyone that makes a claim against the Building or pest control people for negligence if the building or pest inspectors they employ do not carry the appropriate QBCC licenses for their particular field! 
  • Do not be conned by anyone that claims to carry licenses and indemnity insurance. Check for yourself on the link below before employing anyone.

How to avoid being conned by companies that employ unlicensed inspectors!

  • Ask to speak to the inspector that is likely to be doing your inspection
  • Write down their full name and license number.
  • Do a search on the QBCC site.
  • Check they are PERSONALLY licensed and carry professional indemnity insurance to safeguard yourself.
  • They must carry a completed building inspection license to be covered by indemnity insurance.

What can happen if you use unlicensed building and pest inspectors.

Unlicensed inspectors can be very costly when major items are missed also when you decide to make a claim and find they are not covered by insurance.

Do your research, ask the right questions and get it right to avoid costly repairs ontop of your mortgage re-payments. 

More tips on avoiding inexperienced and unlicensed inspectors.

If your pest control inspector has a Builders License, DO NOT USE THEM TO DO A PEST INSPECTION.

  • Use a qualified builder to carry out your building inspection. Someone that has built or renovated houses and has experience in buildings and problems.
  • Use a qualified pest control firm that currently operates a pest control firm. Someone that has experience in Termite detection and treatment.

Do not fall into the trap of using one person to do both and don’t be conned by companies that claim they send out two separate people or companies. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of unqualified and non-inexperienced inspectors!