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The Queensland Home Buyers Inspection Service has been educating buyers with a wealth of knowledge gained from experience in all aspects of the building industry dating back to 1966.

Completely Independent Building Inspections

We work in the best interest of our client, no one else. QBIS does not and will not engage in any referral/reward programs with real estate agents. No real estate agent will ever get their say in regards to the true condition of your prospective property.

Confidential reports

Our reports are not disclosed with the real estate agent or the seller.

Member of the Master Builders Association

Full member of the Master Builders Association since 1977.

Founding member of the Institute of Building Consultants

Formed in 1995

Unrestricted QBCC licenses

Carry unrestricted QBCC licenses in both domestic and commercial construction.

Fully insured

Covered by professional indemnity insurance. Link to what happens if using individuals not covered by insurance also jeopardizing contract and negotiating

Be confident using us

We treat every report as if it were for a member of our own family. We have been the eyes for many interstate and overseas buyers also large companies that rely upon us for discretion and an honest detailed report that is second to NONE!

Owned and operated by the inspector

You can be rest assured you are employing the person responsible for the business, Peter Weddell.

Some of our clients include:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Major Banks
  • Lending Societies
  • Leading Solicitors / Lawyers
  • Interstate & Overseas Property Buyers
  • First Home Buyers
  • Couples & Individuals
  • Retirees
  • Property Investors
  • Fund Managers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Superannuation Funds
  • Property Managers

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Peter Weddell, July 2015

Recent Google Reviews for Building Inspections Brisbane - QLD Home Buyers Inspection Services.

If you’re looking for a building inspector who is genuine, honest and trustworthy, you have found him. Peter was my eyes and ears on my investment property purchase. He completed my building inspection thoroughly and within only 3 days of calling him on a Sunday, to ask for help. I’m based in Victoria and buying in Queensland, so I needed someone trustworthy who was going to tell me how it was, black and white so that I could go into my purchase with eyes wide open and be well informed. Not someone who just ticks the boxes. He provided a wealth of knowledge through his detailed report, accompanied by photos referenced to support it with specific markups of where each report item could be found. Both inside and outside the home, as well as within the roof and on top of it. He then provided me a debrief over the phone so that I could ask any questions I had. All in all Peter was amazing and honest and genuinely cared about helping me. If you value experience, professionalism and quality then Peter is your man.

I had Peter out to do a building inspection after I had a dispute with the original building inspector (one recommended by the restate) I used when buying my house. Strait from the start, Peter was very professional. Peter methodically took me though everything he identified as being an urgent concern, as well as posible future concerns and how to best rectify them. Perter identified multiple items that the previous inspector had (perhaps intentionally) failed to identify. Peter took the time to ensure that I fully understood what he was telling me and gave me the assurance that if I had any further questions later down the track he would help as best he could. While I had already owned the house for a little under a year, getting the inspection done by Peter was worth every cent. I now know where some preventative maintenance now may save me a fortune later down the track. Lessen learnt. DONT USE THE BUILDING & PEST INSPECTOR THAT IS RECOMMENDED BY THE REALESTATE OR CONVEYANCER! If only I didn't have to learn that the hard way.

Peter is for sure the best inspector you could hire. He saved me from falling into a trap. He tells you straight what's good and bad. He works for you, no one else. His advice is really really helpful and the report is very detailed. I would not think twice about hiring Peter again for a building inspection. Again, he saved me from buying our 'dream' home that would have been a nightmare for years if we had bought it.

We used Peter to conduct a pre purchase inspection, right from the start, he was extremely helpful and provided invaluable advice over the phone prior to us even committing to his services. He arrived on site exactly when he said he would, ready to start the inspection. Peter’s inspection of the property was extremely thorough, professional and his attention to detail was exemplary. At the end of the inspection, he identified the major concerns with the property and provided some valuable advice about future maintenance concerns. We had received his written report by the end of the day and the level of detail he presented was astronomical! The information was not overwhelming and was explained in a manner that was easily understood and each issue was linked to a picture. Overall, Peter provides a service that is down to earth, professional and extremely thorough.

Peter has inspected all 3 houses we have bought, and several we haven’t. Thorough, professional, really makes sure you know what you’re getting, so you can make an informed decision. He works 100% for you, the buyer. Absolute integrity. Can’t recommend his service highly enough.

My wife and I were about to purchase an established house in Ascot, Brisbane so we were looking to get a Building and Pest Inspection so we went straight to Google. After looking around the different establishments and offers available and thinking how can the same person be an expert on both Building Codes and Pest Extermination I came across Peters Web Site. Once on his site I knew that this fellow knows his business so I gave him a call. After a few minutes on the telephone speaking with Peter I had decided to get him to do our pre purchase inspection but had to check with the wife as Peter did not do both Building and Pest meaning I would be getting two professionals in to do our pre purchase inspections. Peter arrived on site at 7.30am after getting let in by the selling agent, I called in about half and hour later and found Peter up the top of a ladder with his head in the roof space. I let him finish what he was doing then we caught up. After a good discussion Peter got back on with the job at hand with me wandering around observing everything. I found Peter to be incredibly knowledgeable and certainly knew what he was doing. He was on site for several hours and pointed out some things that needed urgent attention. Even before I had received the report from Peter, which is incredibly thorough I started a conversation with the Sellers agent telling him I was not happy about certain things and I was looking for a discount on my purchase price. Before long I had the agent phone me back and told me the Seller had agreed to a substantial discount if we were happy to proceed which we were. So Peter had saved us thousands of dollars off our original purchase price which we will be able to put towards maintenance required. We highly recommend Peter and his services.

Peter was recommended by a friend and did a thorough job on our pre-purchase building inspection. You can tell from talking to him that he really cares about providing you with all the information you need in order to make the purchase decision and also to keep the property in good working order for years to come. He is very professional and can't do enough to help. Thanks Peter.

We used Peter to inspect a property for a property we were looking at purchasing. Will never use anyone else now... So thorough and professional. Picked up things most people wouldn't even bother looking at. Totally agree with what he says on his website- he treats every client like a member of his family and no question is a silly one! Thanks so much!

Peter is not the cheapest but definitely one of the most thorough inspector I have used (I have used 3 previously). Very knowledgeable and very meticulous. He didnt just walk through the house with a checklist, the pre-purchase inspection was very lengthy and he spent all his time looking at every inch of the house. Peter knows he works for you and you only and will only have your best interest in his heart. Highly recommend.

Attention to detail, experienced, independent and non-bias building inspector. I had a very high expectation on Peter prior to the building inspection based on his pass clients' reviews and phone conversation with him. He has far exceeded my expectation. His report is not just a once-off use but a useful reference for many years into future.

I am purchasing a new property in Brisbane; however, I am currently living in Canberra. This, not surprisingly, presents some significant challenges in ensuring that I was buying a quality product. It also did not help my stress levels! Therefore I needed someone on the ground I could rely on who has the appropriate professional qualifications and experience to help me avoid the many pitfalls in this process. Most importantly, I needed honest, frank and professional advice. I can honestly say Peter's work is outstanding and through his detailed report, all identified issues were agreed to be rectified without any arguments from the developer. I would have no hesitations in recommending Peter. He will potentially save you from committing to a money pit and significantly reduce your stress levels during the purchasing decision making process.

Peter was great to work with and we felt confident knowing that we were in a safe set of hands for our first home purchase. Thanks Peter!

Peter has a great depth of knowledge and is very skilled at what he does. He was super helpful, willing to explain issues identified and provided photos to explain. His report is not limited to a series of tick boxes like others - it provides useful details and a breakdown of issues that needed more immediate attention, recommendations for preventative maintenance and potential future issues that should be monitored. Definitely recommend!

Very thorough report and inspection. Definitely worth it.

Peter was recommended by a friend for pre-purchase building inspection and he didn't disappoint! We attended the property while he completed the inspection and it was obvious he was thorough and detailed in the assessment and he took the time to show and explain the notable issues with the property. The final report was detailed and easy to interpret, with multiple photos to support the conclusions in the report. It was obvious that Peter's main objective and priority was ensuring that we got the best advice on the condition of the property and that we understood the content of the building report so that we could make our on decision on how to proceed. He made himself available for multiple follow up conversations to discuss the detail of the report and offered advice on other matters relating to the property. Will certain call him again in future for an building inspection reports. Thanks Peter!

As an interstate buyer i required an experienced building inspector. Peter attended site with my son and discussed items with him, provided a detailed and thorough written report and called me to go through the report with him. I was really impressed with the quality of his service and would recommend him to others.

Hi Peter, I would like to thank you for your excellent, very detailed building inspection report. The suggestions in this report enabled us to rectify several problems. Also the after report service, and your response to follow-up questions cannot be faulted. It saved us wasting a lot of money asking for the wrong advice from the wrong people. Regards, Alan Taylor, Corinda.

Peter was amazing and walked us through details which we would have never really picked. His reports very really comprehensive and gives us a good grounds to negotiate and understand what we really are getting into. Also gives things we need to be looking out for in the future. Not only he did us provide insights into the building but also insights into owning and maintaining a house. Thank you for your service and I would highly recommend any and everyone to hire Peter if they are thinking of buying a property!!

Peter is a great guy who works for you and you only. He's happy to communicate and helpful with explaining everything. He is always clear the he has the buyer's interests at heart and is happy to answer questions at any time! We were super grateful for all his input! Regards from The Trio.

Simply the best inspector around. Peter has been used multiple times by several members of my family and saved us a couple of times from buying duds. He is more thorough then anyone else, more informative, gives better follow up, and he tells you straight what's good and bad. He works for you, no one else.

Peter saved us from making a huge mistake. We thought we had found our dream home but after Peter inspected the place, we found out it would have been a nightmare for years. We would have had to put $50000 plus into the place to rectify the structural, pest and uncertified issues with the house and land. Peter was very thorough and discussed the issues with us and created a report that was easy to read. We can not recommend Peter and his service enough. If you want honesty and thoroughness, he is your man.

We are interstate and felt Peter left no stone unturned giving us the confidence to make the right decision regarding our purchase. Thanks Peter!

Awesome service from a passionate and experienced building inspector. Peter completed a very thorough report and was willing to spend the time discussing with me any potential issues which may occur in the building and what to look out for; he is always putting you first. Open, honest and genuine. Will definitely use again!

Peter was recommended to us by a friend who couldn’t have spoken more highly of him. I have since rang Peter on a number of occasions with questions about houses we were considering putting an offer to buy in for. He has without exception been extremely generous with his time and offered very valuable advice every time. He then did a building inspection of a house and was extremely thorough, again providing lots of verbal explanations about what to look out for and taking time to go over every issue on the phone. His report is very detailed and easy to understand and he provides numerous other resources. Unfortunately we had to step back from the sale due to issues that were discovered but we felt confident we were making the right decision and in good hands with Peter who is personally invested to give the best advice possible. More than highly recommend having Peter on your team when you are buying a house or in need of building inspection advice.

I was really impressed with the service provided by Peter, who had been recommended to me by a colleague. He arrived on time and was very thorough with his photos and advice. He first went around the outside of the property and took photos of everything, followed by inside. Afterwards he gave me a confidential run through of all the important issues, and took me around the building to point out what exactly he was talking about, so that I properly understood everything. He explained things well and answered all of my MANY questions. He is very honest with his reporting, and his no BS attitude was well received. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone, and will definitely be using him again for any future purchases.

Peter acts in the interest of buyers. He has not only very sharp eyes on building problems, but also firm independence from any influence from sell-side agent, and generosity in sharing with buyers his 50years+ experience as a professional builder and building inspector.

Peter is very thorough and takes the time to give you all the information you need, not just on any potential current issues but also what to look out for in the future. If you have any questions after the inspection Peter is also happy to help answer any questions you may have no matter how long ago the inspection was. Peter will arm with you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. I can also recommend Mark from QLD Termite Reports.

For professional and fully licensed property and building inspections contact Peter Weddell at QLD Home Buyers Inspection Service on 07 3222 4383 or 0418 193930 to book your inspection.
QBCC License: 18932