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Our Background and Experience Speaks for Itself.

Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service is the longest independent owner operated building inspection service in Brisbane. All building inspections are carried out by Peter Weddell who is an experienced Brisbane builder and building inspector with vast knowledge accumulated from all aspects of the building and inspection industry since 1966.

Why Choose Us? Why Building Inspections Brisbane?

  • Confidential reports, we do not discuss the outcome of the report with the agent or seller
  • Used by banks, lending societies, leading solicitors, Brisbane City Council, investors, fund managers, superannuation funds, investment advisors, interstate buyers and individuals
  • Independent of real estate agents, working in the best interest of the buyers
  • Majority of building inspection services rely heavily on Real Estate agents for referrals, we don’t
  • Welcome client onsite for consultation on conclusion of the inspection to explain the report, main problems and how it compares to other buildings of its age and type
  • Access to the inspector for advice, long after the inspection has been carried, at no extra cost
  • Easy to follow report that is second to none, written in plain English for anyone to understand
  • Extensive use of photos with accompanying explanation throughout the report that may help put you in a far better negotiating position, if major problems are found that you were not aware of before signing the contract!
  • Comparison checklist to other buildings of its age and type combined with photos is included to help put any problems in perspective also in making an informed decision
  • Reports that more than exceed the ASA 4349.1 Standards
  • Access the roof exterior (even a two storey building) where safe to do so
  • Full member of the Master Builders Association, since 1977
  • Founding member of the Institute of Building Consultants
  • Fully licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Licenses: 18932  &  727670

  • Covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Economical recommendations on rectification of problems, alterations and extensions (if required)
  • Preventative maintenance suggestions throughout the report (to help avoid future potential problems) with extensive use of relevant illustrations and photos, for a better understanding
  • Experienced in all aspects of the building industry, renovation, extensions, alterations in modern and traditional style Colonial and Queenslander homes, with additional free advice (if required)
  • Equipped with thermal imaging camera, powerful HID torch, ladders and moisture meter
  • Specializing in building inspections our goal is to help educate buyers with our vast knowledge and experience!

Testimonials for Building Inspections Brisbane?

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Peter Weddell, July 2015

Recent Google Reviews for Building Inspections Brisbane – QLD Home Buyers Inspection Services.

Simply the best inspector around. Peter has been used multiple times by several members of my family and saved us a couple of times from buying duds. He is more thorough then anyone else, more informative, gives better follow up, and he tells you straight what’s good and bad. He works for you, no one else.

Peter saved us from making a huge mistake. We thought we had found our dream home but after Peter inspected the place, we found out it would have been a nightmare for years. We would have had to put $50000 plus into the place to rectify the structural, pest and uncertified issues with the house and land. Peter was very thorough and discussed the issues with us and created a report that was easy to read. We can not recommend Peter and his service enough. If you want honesty and thoroughness, he is your man.

We are interstate and felt Peter left no stone unturned giving us the confidence to make the right decision regarding our purchase. Thanks Peter!

Awesome service from a passionate and experienced building inspector. Peter completed a very thorough report and was willing to spend the time discussing with me any potential issues which may occur in the building and what to look out for; he is always putting you first. Open, honest and genuine. Will definitely use again!

Peter was recommended to us by a friend who couldn’t have spoken more highly of him. I have since rang Peter on a number of occasions with questions about houses we were considering putting an offer to buy in for. He has without exception been extremely generous with his time and offered very valuable advice every time. He then did a building inspection of a house and was extremely thorough, again providing lots of verbal explanations about what to look out for and taking time to go over every issue on the phone. His report is very detailed and easy to understand and he provides numerous other resources. Unfortunately we had to step back from the sale due to issues that were discovered but we felt confident we were making the right decision and in good hands with Peter who is personally invested to give the best advice possible. More than highly recommend having Peter on your team when you are buying a house or in need of building inspection advice.

I was really impressed with the service provided by Peter, who had been recommended to me by a colleague. He arrived on time and was very thorough with his photos and advice. He first went around the outside of the property and took photos of everything, followed by inside. Afterwards he gave me a confidential run through of all the important issues, and took me around the building to point out what exactly he was talking about, so that I properly understood everything. He explained things well and answered all of my MANY questions. He is very honest with his reporting, and his no BS attitude was well received. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone, and will definitely be using him again for any future purchases.

Peter acts in the interest of buyers. He has not only very sharp eyes on building problems, but also firm independence from any influence from sell-side agent, and generosity in sharing with buyers his 50years+ experience as a professional builder and building inspector.

Peter is very thorough and takes the time to give you all the information you need, not just on any potential current issues but also what to look out for in the future. If you have any questions after the inspection Peter is also happy to help answer any questions you may have no matter how long ago the inspection was. Peter will arm with you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. I can also recommend Mark from QLD Termite Reports.

Peter gave me a free and practical advice. He is honest and he won’t waste both of your time just to get a new job.

One conversation with Peter and it saved me possibly 25 years of heartache from making a bad home purchase. I say 25 years because I’d probably be servicing a regretful home loan for that long. Only a trained and experienced eye could have advised me not to even touch this property with a 10ft pole. Peter showed immense passion and integrity when providing advice on findings of a pre-purchase property inspection report which was provide to me for ‘Free’. He picked up inconsistencies within the report and warned me of it. He shared with me encounters of similar experiences and educated me of industry standards and people who may not have my best interests at heart. Peter did all this, even though I am not his current client. He just did not want me to fall trap to tricks and misinformation used in this industry.  His website has very useful information which I stumbled upon just by googling for inspections services. I am so glad I did and I’ll be going to him to carry out any inspections for a future home purchase. If anyone is reading these reviews to shortlist building inspectors, please be rest assured you will be in good hands by engaging Peter. It will be a great investment by itself. This is coming from someone who only had a 45min conversation with him but you can expect Peter’s loyalty to his client to be unwavering.  I would also urge you to read his post categories to be well informed as they are current and time-stamped. Beware of unlicensed inspectors, Building movement and Costly ‘free’ seller-vendor inspection reports were three sections very relevant to my situation.

Peter offered us a great service and thorough inspections on both occasions we engaged him. Peter’s service helped us gain a better understanding of the true conditions of the commercial units we considered purchasing. We received comprehensive reports and multiple photos within 3 days. Peter was happy to take our calls and discuss the issues we were not sure about. He even went back to one of the Units a day after the original inspection to double check the potential issues. We have engaged him twice and we are more than happy to recommend him.

Peter inspected our new house and gave us a very thorough rundown of not just existing issues, but also where there were things that might create problems down the track. I feel much more confident now in what to look for and how to spot problems. At our inspection he promised he’d be available for a phone call any time about any issues that may come up, even ten years down the track. Six months after we moved in I sent him an email about a possible issue with our shower and received a response the next day. This is obviously not a business that just churns out generic reports, instead you’re getting someone who makes sure you’re armed with the knowledge you need and looks after you well after settlement.

As an interstate investor, I needed a building inspector I could trust to be my ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground. Peter went above and beyond my expectations. His level of service was exceptional, his work was quality, professional and detailed. The best thing about Peter as my building inspector was that he was available for questions before, during, and after the inspection. Look no further than Peter.

Peter has been my trusted building inspector over the past 15 years, who I have recommended to friends a number of times. Identifying building issues is hardly my strong point and therefore having someone I trust to provide me with an in-depth report, written in a manner that provides me with sufficient understandable information is extremely valuable. I appreciate Peter’s openness towards follow up questions / clarification after he has sent his report. It’s been valuable over the years to be able to give him a call and run a list of questions by him.

We went with Peter to inspect an old Queenslander that we had already gotten under contract, at a price we thought was fine. We chose him because we wanted a detailed list of what we needed to fix in the renovation of the house. After the inspection, we were able to take the new found information on the condition of the house and shed and negotiate $15,000.00 off of the price!! We are very happy we went with him and feel more confident with our decisions on the house now. We will likely be calling him up a couple times during the reno, which is also amazing that he will continue to provide support and advice for your situation. Thanks Peter!!!!

We have been using Peter’s services for over 14+ years and during those years he has performed 7 inspections for us on properties we have purchased (and a few we have avoided!). We have referred friends and colleagues to Peter because he is the best in the market. The quality and level of detail in Peter’s reports are second-to-none. Most importantly we value his honest, thorough, frank and unbiased advice. Peter is always the first person we call when considering a purchase and there is no one else we would trust with our investment. He has saved us more than a few times! Thank you Peter!

Peter was recommended to us by friends. We found his knowledge invaluable when making a decision on a recent purchase. His report was thorough and we found the photos very useful in understanding the points in the report as we were not familiar with some of the building terms that were used. We will definately be using Peter again and would recommend him to anyone.

I was recommended, QBIS by a friend who owns several properties. He told me Peter had saved him from buying a dud numerous times. I rang Peter as i live in a house built in the 70’s and was concerned with a large crack that had developed in the payment that also resulted in a hairline crack in a house brick. Peter, asked me to send photos of the area i was concerned about. After looking at the photos Peter then spent 20 minutes on the phone explaining what i should be looking out for. All at no cost! His information was invaluable . I would whole heartily recommend Peter to anyone who needs a building inspection done, as he doesn’t miss a trick. Linda Downey Helensvale.

Great, thorough report that was easy to understand and full of very good information, backed up by top notch customer service. Peter makes time to talk to you and go over things and explain all the details. He is happy to answer any questions you might have at anytime. Now I feel a lot more confident going in to my next open home inspection, with a list of things to look out for. Peter gave us a wealth of knowledge that made us confident about our decision. Tip: always have 14 days Due Diligence on your contract.

Highly recommended. Peter is very knowledgeable and offers practical solutions and advice in regards to your building queries.

I am an interstate buyer who called Peter after reading his excellent and highly informative website. He gave me his time and a lot of frank and excellent advice to help me navigate the pitfalls within the building and pest “industrial-complex”. I only wished I was looking to purchase in Brisbane as I would employ him in a heartbeat. If you are looking at purchasing or selling a home, read his website, he will educate you on the big ticket items which could cost you huge $$$.

Thanks to Peter we have avoided being ‘charmed’ by an old qld-er, which potentially could have lead us to financial and personal disaster. Would highly recommend Peter for professionalism and commitment.

My husband engaged Peter to complete a building inspection on the home we are buying. Peter crawled all over the house and provided a very detailed report and provided great direction on what to look out for with preventative maintenance. His website is also a great place for tips on what to look out for and helps improve your knowledge. Is the price more expensive than other reports, yes. Do you get value for report when making such a substantial purchase, absolutlely. Would highly recommend to anyone who really wants to know what they are buying.

If you want someone to provide you with a comprehensive, not biased building inspection report in an easy to understand format, then Peter will provide you with this service. His report also included helpful information in regard to future maintenance needs too. Thank you! Kind regards, R Federico.

Peter was strongly recommended to me I’ve used him on a couple of occasions he saved me on both times making a major mistakes.Hes been very helpful a willing to show me things that will help me in the future when looking at property.Very approachable if I ever need advice.When it comes to buying property you want this man in your corner.

Peter carried out a detailed, timely inspection and report. His report makes use of photos which are referenced to his findings and observations – very helpful pre-purchase and future reference. He was happy to spend time ensuring you understood his findings and take questions. Bruce Wallace December 2019.

I called Peter while looking for a building inspector for our new house build. Peter gave me some terrific advice about needing to find a structural engineer and emphasised the need to get footings, slab and frame inspected correctly at the appropriate time to ensure the builder is doing their job correctly. He said the engineers needed to compare the plan against what they see and do specification checks. Peter gave me some terrific information to help me avoid other companies who would take the money but provide inappropriate reports at the end of the day. I really appreciated Peters honesty, experience and willingness to assist. Regards Craig.

We have used Peter on two occasions and have found him to be very professional, prompt and experienced in his field. His report was issued the following day and as well as providing the pest report he took the time to take me around the property and explain everything within the report. I would recommend Peter for all of your property purchases.

We had a fantastic experience with Peter. He is honest and will give you a true picture of the property. Peter was very thorough and drew our attention to extensive problems with a property (which meant the property was uninsurable). We will definitely use Peter again for building inspections and his service is worth every cent.

I would never use anyone else to inspect a property I’m about to purchase. Peter is thorough, knowledgeable and frank when communicating the pros and cons of a property. We’ve used Peter twice and still feel relieved that he saved us from buying ‘problems’. He’s also incredibly committed to helping people learn what to look for themselves.

Peter was recommended by my friend, and I’ll definitely refer him to my other friends. He is so experienced. He always thinks more carefully and closely. He stands on clients’ side. Excellent job!

My husband found Peter on Google as our inspector due to very informative and helpful blogs that Peter wrote about building inspections. We are very happy we engaged Peter’s services as the experience was great. We appreciate the information, the thorough inspection, the advice on what to look out for in the future to make sure it doesn’t get worse. It was our first experience with pre-purchase house inspection but we could not have selected a better inspector. really detailed debrief on site after inspection and very detailed report the same day. Once again, thank you so much and totally recommend. We also appreciate his advice on pest control inspector who we were satisfied with as well completely.

Have used Peter on multiple occasions and will continue to do so. Not cheap but would not use anyone else.

Peter assisted with my query. He was honest and told me it wasn’t something he could assist with and pointed me in the right direction, saving me a lot of money and from the wrong advice. Thank you very much, Peter.

Peter is fabulous. From the first initial phone call to see about engaging his services Peter gave me invaluable knowledge which helped me to even choose my solicitor. He spent a great amount of time at the property I am looking at purchasing and then sent the detailed report the following day. While on site he walked me around and showed me what he found, and also gave me information which is helping now towards the end of settlement. Peter advised I was able to contact him at any stage to ask for help, information, expertise. I have done this and Peter was more than happy to help. His loyalty to his customers rather than the sellers and realtors is remarkable. I cannot recommend Peter more highly and will be engaging his services in the future for the remodelling.

My husband found Peter on the website after googling building inspectors. We were quite impressed with his website and this was compounded by our chats with Peter, his knowledge & experience and his reports in the course of our dealings with him

I have used Peter many time for pre-purchase inspections. He provides an in-depth service, he is incredibly thorough. I have used another company earlier this year and was disappointed that the inspection was nowhere near Peter’s standard and the report was hard to interpret. Peter’s reports are clear and easy to understand highlighting problems without being alarmist. I trust his judgement completely.

For professional and fully licensed property and building inspections contact Peter Weddell at QLD Home Buyers Inspection Service on 07 3222 4383 or 0418 193930 to book your inspection.
QBCC License: 18932