Free Advice On

  • Extensions, alterations, renovations and additions (if required)

  • Recommendations on most economical rectification of problems identified in the report

  • Preventative maintenance suggestions, throughout the building inspection report, to help maintain your building over the long term.

  • Comparison with others buildings of its age and type to put problems in perspective

  • Most important items that require rectification or worth noting

  • Categorized list of items that require attention, replacing, quotes, monitoring or further investigation
  • How to maintain the property and building

  • Tips & Important information, throughout the building inspection report
  • Numerous photos are taken of problems with accompanying detailed explanation in the report.

  • Client consultation on conclusion of the inspection to explain the main points and how the property compares to others

  • Access to the inspector for advice, long after the inspection

At No Extra Cost . . .

The building inspector Peter Weddell, is available for free advice long after the inspection has been carried out!

Sometimes, even years after a report has been completed, people ring regarding advice on some aspect raised in the report. Peter keeps accurate archival records so is able to access information to offer informed suggestions.

You will receive a maintenance and defects report regarding the property and buildings from top to bottom with numerous photos and detailed explanation. The report is written in plain English with easy to understand terminology also a glossary of terms and illustrations with useful information, throughout. The report more than exceeds the Australian Standard AS 4349.1.