Learn the dangers a building inspector can miss by not physically getting in a roof!

Examples of how a roof in danger of collapsing was avoided as a result of a recent building inspection by Peter Weddell of QBIS.

This is why it is important for your building inspector to physically get in the roof area!

Considerable sideways bowing of these roof trusses above a house that was approximately 12 years old!

This was not picked up in a previous building inspection.

The inspector did not get past the access hole to assess the roof.

Roof collapsing danger Danger of roof collapsing

Roof trusses in danger of collapsing at any stage!

First photo: Significant separation of roof truss metal gang nail plate, to top chord of truss.

Second photo: Further separation to bottom chord of a truncated (girder) roof truss.

Third photo: Separation also between webbing of the roof truss and its bottom chord.

Roof in danger of collapsing at any moment.

This roof structure was in such a dangerous state at time of the inspection that it could potentially collapse at any minute without warning to the occupants. Moderate storm conditions can easily be the catalyst for it to collapse. Roof tiles would need to be removed then restructuring at major expense.

Choosing the right building inspector to be made aware of roof in danger of collapsing.

Excellent examples of why it so important to employ a building inspector such as Peter Weddell with over 50 years of experience. To be assured this type of danger is identified in your report so you can make an informed decision as whether to proceed.