Poor design causing defects to a home.

Defects to home from poor design. QBIS.

Poor design causing issues with this dwelling:

  • The exposed bearers have no protection from the weather.
  • Securings to steel supporting columns with inadequate roof screws, where coach bolts were required.


There is a high degree of risk from partial collapse of the building when the screws rust and the bearers rot.

Recommended rectification:

  • Fit 12mm galvanised coach bolts through all timber and steel.
  • Fit flashing over top of the timber for protection.
  • Monitor and maintain exposed timer on a regular basis.

Design and defects to home

There won’t be very much support when these small screws rust. What were the designer and builder thinking!

Defects to home from poor design.

Important notes:

  • Dwelling faults from bad design can easily be avoided. When considering practical building & design methods at the planning stages, before construction of the building commences.
  • Builders must question designers, if they see a fault with their design they are obligated to recommend and impliment a practical solution.

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