Roof problems above new house.

Roof problems above a new house. These separating roof truss gang nails have occurred to the roof structure of a house, less than 4 years old, not good! QBIS.

The truss manufacturer claimed it was the builders fault, the builder said it was the manufacturers fault, the battle goes on!

new house roof problems

Another separating gang nail.

Example of how the gang nails should look, with no gaps between the plate and timber.

The top Chord of a main supporting girder roof truss has bowed between its webbing and requires reinforcing.

Roof problems above new house 2

Roof trusses must be properly positioned and straightened, during construction.

These roof roof trusses have been poorly positioned, during construction. They should have been straightened, before securing of the roof battens.

Potential danger:

This electrical cable requires re-positioning away from this gang nail to avoid a potential safety hazard.

Sagging of roof rafters.

Roof problems above new house 3

These rafters required straightening and reinforcing to help alleviate sagging.

Roof problems above a new house. Important notes:

  • The separation of these gang nail plates and sagging of the rafters have a high probability of continuing.
  • Without rectification these problems will continue from normal movement of the roof that can potentially become dangerous.

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