Making Your Decision After the Inspection

Make a list of any major or costly faults also the items that have been replaced or rectified and weigh one against the other.

What do i do if major problems are found that are likely to cost more than you have budgeted for:

  • Consult an expert in that particular field for a quote (preferably written on their letter head) with guarantees.
  • Obtain at least 3 quotes for a reasonable comparison.

It is then up to you to determine if the property is still worth what you are paying for it.

Never request a seller to rectify faults that have been identified in the report.

  • Sellers are highly unlikely to replace or rectify major and expensive faults that are going to last for the long term.
  • Do not fall into the convenient trap of asking the Agent or seller for a recommendation of someone to give a quote
  • Do not rely upon guesstimates on fixing problems.
  • Obtain written quotes from reputable firms with guarantees on major faults.

All is not lost if major problems have been identified in the report.

The severity of the problem must first be determined, the inspector should, with their experience be able to help with this. Sometimes a problem may in your view be a major problem, when in reality it is not and in some cases can be easily rectified without a great deal of expense. When in any doubt, contact your inspector.

When you have made your decision.

  • Contact your legal representative and inform them, so they can act in whatever manner on your behalf.
  • If necessary, request an extension to allow time for further searches to be carried out.
  • If required, obtain quotes on major expense faults.

Never forget, whatever problems found by the inspector may affect you when reselling the property, unless they have been rectified at your expense!

Consider this: All buildings have problems to varying degrees, it is whether they are acceptable to you or not that is most important.

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