Illegal structures

2410, 2016

Illegal Structure

October 24th, 2016|Illegal structures|Comments Off on Illegal Structure

Very poorly illegally built carport attached to a house in the bay side area.

Undersized rafters and roof battens, no bracing to the roof structure also insufficient securing, posts are supported and insufficiently secured to a brick retaining wall, that has moved. A prospective buyer would have to factor in obtaining approvals, removal and replacement cost […]

509, 2016

Vendor report problems

September 5th, 2016|Illegal structures, Vendor reports, Vendor Reports Problems|Comments Off on Vendor report problems

The owner of this property decided to employ a inspector suggested by the selling agent, this is what they neglected to mention !

An illegal structure built by the owner without Council approval, not mentioned in the vendors report. Not many insurance companies are likely to take on the potential liability of an illegal structure. Always […]

703, 2016

Dangerous, illegal structure!

March 7th, 2016|Dangerous structures, Disclosure importance, Illegal structures|Comments Off on Dangerous, illegal structure!

This poorly built patio roof structure requires extensive rectification, so much that it would be more economical to remove the entire structure and rebuild according Council requirements and the current building code. This structure is potentially dangerous due to rot, inadequate securing and support. Insurance companies are not likely to cover structures that are non-compliant. […]

802, 2016

Insufficient securing of roof stucture

February 8th, 2016|Illegal structures, New renovation problems|Comments Off on Insufficient securing of roof stucture

A recently inspected house in the Springfield lakes area with an inadequately secured patio roof structure.

Metal fascia’s are supported by brackets attached to tail ends of the house roof trusses, therefore are not sufficient nor designed to support any structures attached to them, such as this one. My client was informed by the local […]

401, 2016

Illegal structures

January 4th, 2016|Beware of buying over internet!, Contract, Illegal structures|Comments Off on Illegal structures


Be aware that your insurance company may not cover you against problems caused with illegal structures. Notify and check with your insurer before committing to a contract, so you know where you stand. Contact your legal representative regarding clauses that they may recommend inserting in your contract, to protect you. Never sign a contract […]

712, 2015

High-set house being sold as a 2 storey house

December 7th, 2015|Garage conversions, High-set vs 2 storey house, Illegal structures, Rising Damp, Rooms not suitable for habitation, Sagging roofs, Seepage|Comments Off on High-set house being sold as a 2 storey house

Inspection recently carried out on a high-set house that was supposedly converted to a 2 storey house. The house had been inspected by a certifier only once, on completion of alterations to the lower floor area, not during the alterations, as would be required. The house was being sold as a 2 storey 5 bedroom, […]