Learn about non-Council approved structures and the consequences.

Non-Council approved structure. Fact: There have been too many Illegal structures have been built in Queensland, this does not make it acceptable. QBIS.

Unfortunately with time restraints placed in the selling contract, this normally does not allow the time that would be required to obtain all approvals.

How a non-Council approved structure can affect you.

  • When reselling your property.
  • Insurance claim may be denied regarding non-approved structures.
  • Council may demand removal of non-approved structures.
  • Costs of plans, Council fees, inspections by private certifier and/or structural engineer.

If necessary, cost of modification by trades-people to bring it up to building code and Council requirements.

Non-Council approved structure and consequences

Carport poorly built and without Council approval.

  • Undersized rafters and roof battens.
  • No bracing to roof structure.
  • Insufficient securing of structure to avoid uplift in a storm.
  • Posts are not properly supported and insufficiently secured to a brick retaining wall, that has moved.

It would be cheaper to have this structure removed and rebuilt correctly rather than have it modified.

Non-Council approved structure with unsuitable roof sheeting

Roof sheeting of a carport that is unsuitable and will leak consistently.

Badly damaged and low profile Aluminium roof sheeting with Solar panel that would need to be removed and refitted when replacing the roof sheeting. Apart from damage, this low profile sheeting is not suitable for roof use. Roof sheeting with deeper profile is less likely to leak.

Non-Council approved structures, important notes:

  • Non-council approved structures must be rectified ASAP.
  • A buyer should consider the cost of obtaining approvals or removal, so it does not affect resale.
  • Inform insurer to see whether they will cover in case of unforeseen damage, in event of a severe storm.

In most cases, non-council approved structures can be rectified without requiring removal.