Apartment that was non-compliant for living use.

Non-compliant apartment. QBIS.

Non-compliant apartment unit

This unit was advertised as having a self contained unit below it. The seller and agent failed to mention the following in their advertising.

Ceiling height was under the Code requirement for use as a habitable area, therefore it was not compliant.

Apartment unit not being compliant

Problems associated with single brick walls used for habitable areas:

  • Single brick walls had no damp-course barriers and weep-holes.
  • Seepage and rising damp will occur.
  • These walls must not be covered with any type of lining, otherwise moisture will be trapped within.
  • Problems are likely to occur from deterioration, may attract termites (also give them cover).
  • Potentially cause respiratory problems with inhabitants.

No window to this sub-floor area bedroom for fixed lighting and ventilation. Ceiling height was also under the 2.4metre Building Code requirement for a habitable area.

  • The slab must have a rebate to its edges.
  • High moisture meter readings indicated that the slab was not likely to have a moisture barrier below it.
  • The slab had moved causing cracking of the floor tiles.

Although movement of a slab is not uncommon, in this situation, it was greater than expected, especially as a habitable area.

Non-compliant apartment.

Important points:

Examples of how misleading photos taken by a seller/agent can be vastly different to those taken by a reliable independent inspector.

Photos taken by agents/sellers are to help a sale. Mine are to show a potential buyer what problems they are buying into!

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