How illegal building structures can cost you dearly and how to avoid. 

Why you must not ignore illegal building structures and how to deal with them, QBIS.

If Council search results prove that structures on a property have been built without their approval. The following suggestions may help you in avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

 building structures that are illegal   

A carport structure, built without Council approval.

Illegal building structures. Roof structure is sagging considerably from undersized timber also spans being too wide.

Apart from this serious problem it is also not properly secured for tying down. This may allow the structure to be lifted in a storm that could potentially cause injury to people also damage to neighboring buildings.

Structures that have been built illegally without authority approval

How to find out if any structures have been built without Council approval.

When buying a property:

  • Request your legal representative carries out the required building approval searches.
  • Make sure search results are available before contract goes unconditional.

If you are a current home owner:

  • Request building and/or plumbing approval searches through the Council as a property owner.

Illegal structures and insurance companies.

  • Insurance companies may not cover you against damage caused from illegal structures, CHECK!
  • If aware of any illegal structures, check if your insurer is willing to allow time for restructuring to obtain Council approval or they require the structure to be removed immediately.

 If in doubt about illegal building structures check with your legal representative

What to do if any structures have been built without Council approval.

  • Remove the structure if not economically viable.
  • Notify your insurer to make sure you are covered in the interim.
  • Have plans drawn up that are building code compliant.
  • Submit plans for approval.
  • Restructure the building in accordance with approved plan.
  • Have the structure checked by a qualified certifier.

Benefits of having structures Council approved.

  • Likely to be covered by insurance (request insurer requirements).
  • Council approved structures are highly unlikely to halt the sale of a property, unless constructed poorly even though it may have been built to code requirements.
  • Peace of mind.

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