Illegal structure consequences, dangers and affects on home owners

Learn the consequences of illegal structures and how they can potentially affect your resale and possibly insurance. QBIS.

Illegal structure & implications

Inadequate securing patio roof structure could potentially allow it to collapse!

This patio roof structure is secured to a metal fascia that is not designed to support structures. Metal fascias are secured to a house by means of clips, not substantial enough to take weight. Securing must be through the fascia to roof structure of the house to avoid collapse.


Problems with this patio roof structure and its securings.

  • Ends of these rafters were secured to the metal fascia by means of pop rivits only.
  • The structure and its securing did not comply with Building Code requirements.
  • The rafters must be secured to roof structure of the house.
  • The structure was in danger of collapsing.

Securings required to avoid a patio roof structure from collapsing.

  • Attach a horizontal plate to the metal fascia.
  • Lift roof tiles or remove eave linings to allow securing of the plate through the fascia to roof structure of the house.
  • Secure fabricated brackets with bolts to the plate and the house roof structure.
  • Reinstate eave linings.

How illegal structures may affect your house resale:

If an illegal structure is indentified by any of the following.

  • By a potential buyer in their initial inspection, before signing a contract.
  • In a building inspection report.
  • No approved plans.
  • Stage inspections not carried out during construction.
  • No record of structure having been built in a Council search.

What to do to avoid an illegal structure crashing a potential sale.

  • Carry out searches before listing your property for sale.
  • Have any illegal structures rectified and made compliant or remove them!
  • Apply for retrospective approval from Council.
  • Disclose any illegal structures before allowing the contract to be signed by a buyer.

What you need to know about insurance cover and illegal structures.

  • Insurance companies are not likely to cover structures that are illegal and non-compliant with Building Code requirements.
  • You must disclose any structures that you know of that are illegal with your insurer
  • Request in writing that they are prepared to cover any illegal structures!

Illegal structures can have consequences and affect your resale, don’t let them affect you!

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