1 07, 2021

Damage to concrete from seepage

2021-08-27T17:49:19+10:00July 1st, 2021|Seepage|Comments Off on Damage to concrete from seepage

Seepage causing damage to concrete. Damage to concrete from seepage, how to rectify. QBIS.  Seepage through paving is causing deterioration of concrete of the sub-floor area below. Although not significant at this stage it will continue and can become costly to rectify the longer it is left without being repaired. It is much better to [...]

1 07, 2021

Non-legal living rooms

2021-11-26T12:16:42+10:00July 1st, 2021|Rooms not suitable for habitation|Comments Off on Non-legal living rooms

Misleading advertising of Granny flat not suitable for living use. Non-legal living rooms. Ceiling height of sub-floor granny flat was 250mm below building code requirement of 2.4metres for a habitable area. The prospective buyer was mislead into believing he could rent out a non-legal living area to help pay off the mortgage. Without spending [...]

1 07, 2021

Flooding of an apartment garage

2021-09-25T14:42:28+10:00July 1st, 2021|Drainage problems, Flooding & effects, Seepage, Unit problems|Comments Off on Flooding of an apartment garage

Common fault with flooding of apartment garages. What you need to know about flooding of an apartment garage also steps you need to take. QBIS.  Inadequate drainage to garages of apartment complex. The sub-floor level garages of this unit building were below the ground levels on all four sides also below the flood [...]

2 07, 2020

Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment

2021-08-15T19:04:44+10:00July 2nd, 2020|New unit problems, Poor methods of construction, Rising Damp, Seepage|Comments Off on Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment

Apartment with rising damp and seepage issue. Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment. Seepage & rising damp has occurred through retaining walls located on two boundaries of this apartment property. QBIS. The walls where retaining soil were not  appropriately drained and waterproofed, during their construction. Access to rectify the problem could not be achieved [...]

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