Seepage causing damage to concrete.

Damage to concrete from seepage, how to rectify. QBIS

Seepage through paving is causing deterioration of concrete of the sub-floor area below.

Although not significant at this stage it will continue and can become costly to rectify the longer it is left without being repaired.

It is much better to address this type of problem, sooner than later!

Improper fixing of damage to slab.

This photo shows unprofessional patching around the affected surface of the concrete slab below the paving. Further patching below without fixing the source of the problem would a waste of money.

This problem must be fixed at its source. 

Further deterioration to concrete slab below unit:

More seepage to another section of the concrete after being patched. This indicates that the problem has not been rectified and is continuing to cause problems.

Seepage was also evident to garage of the sub-floor below which was also damaging stored items.

Do not underestimate damage seepage through a slab can cause.

This problem may seem minor, but in my experience, seeing damage to other buildings, in no way should it be underestimated as it may result in concrete cancer over a period. It must be closely monitored for further signs of deterioration with time frames documented and photos for reference.

How common is this problem in a unit complex?

Quite common unfortunately. Usually from cutting construction costs. Builders do not consider this worth spending money on. The problems usually occur long after the guarantee period has lapsed.

Rectification required to avoid seepage causing damage to slab.

Effective way to rectify this ongoing problem (long term).

  • Remove tiles covering paving.
  • Apply water-proof coating then re-tile paving.

This should have been carried out during construction of the building, but for cost saving, it was not.

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