Apartment with rising damp and seepage issue.

Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment. Seepage & rising damp has occurred through retaining walls located on two boundaries of this apartment property. QBIS.

  • The walls where retaining soil were not  appropriately drained and waterproofed, during their construction.
  • Access to rectify the problem could not be achieved due to the retaining walls being located on the property boundaries
  • Drainage and waterproofing would be required below the slab levels of the living areas.

Seepage and rising damp to an apartment

Seepage into living area:

Water stains to skirting board and slab from seepage of moisture through the retaining wall.

Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment unit

Seepage of water through retaining wall causing rot to wall, skirting board, architrave and door frame.

High moisture meter reading showing degree of wetness, although it had not rained for a long period before the inspection. The readings are most likely to increase, in prolonged rain periods.

Impossible access:

Another boundary retaining wall of the same property also with seepage problems.

Seepage has also occurred through this rear boundary retaining wall into this bedroom and its wardrobe.

Unacceptable moisture meter levels:

High moisture meter reading showing the degree of wetness to the wall, above an acceptable reading, without recent rain to cause it!

Cardboard was used to cover water stains to the slab caused by seepage and rising damp.

Moisture meter reading showing the degree of wetness to the slab being higher than usual. A normal reading should be around 140.

Rising-damp & seepage to apartment unit

Water stains to walls, skirting boards and slab from seepage and rising damp causing deterioration.

Rising-damp and seepage to an apartment. Important points:

Seepage and rising damp are serious problems such as:

  • Deterioration of timber and plaster
  • Attract termites
  • Cause potential health and respiratory problems with inhabitants.

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