vendor report inaccuracies

1 07, 2021

Inaccurate Building Inspection report

2021-11-26T11:47:45+10:00July 1st, 2021|Costly "free" seller-vendor inspection reports|Comments Off on Inaccurate Building Inspection report

Costly inaccurate building inspection report Learn how an inaccurate building inspection report can cost far more than a decent inspection report fee, in rectification costs. QBIS. Examples of serious problems that were not identified in a sellers building inspection report. The sellers report was carried out by a well known nationwide company. Fortunately the [...]

1 07, 2021

Home sellers inaccurate building report

2021-11-26T15:11:48+10:00July 1st, 2021|Costly "free" seller-vendor inspection reports, High-set vs 2 storey house, Understated Inspection Reports|Comments Off on Home sellers inaccurate building report

Inaccurate building report carried out for a home seller Home sellers inaccurate building report. Problems missed or severely understated by a building inspection service. The inspector was Acting on behalf of a seller and recommended by the agent. QBIS.  Considerable sagging to roof and ceiling: This roof was supported off a binder beam [...]

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