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1 07, 2021

Faults with roof and danger

2021-11-27T17:33:46+10:00July 1st, 2021|Dangerous roof structures, Roof Problems|Comments Off on Faults with roof and danger

Dangerous roof structure and practical solutions regarding rectification. Faults with roof and danger. Potentially dangerous roof. These roof trusses are sagging considerably with separation of gang-nail plates (securings to joints between the web member and the top chord of the truss). QBIS This very serious problem was unknown to the home owner/seller and required immediate [...]

1 07, 2021

Badly constructed roof

2021-11-27T15:20:30+10:00July 1st, 2021|Roof Problems|Comments Off on Badly constructed roof

Learn how a roof badly constructed can affect you. And how a badly constructed roof can be fixed. QBIS. No supporting prop to end of an under-purlin (horizontal beam fitted to midway point between the external wall and peak of the roof). This can be supported with a beam supported off the external wall [...]

1 07, 2021

Barap bolts & roof support

2021-11-27T15:43:00+10:00July 1st, 2021|Roof Problems|Comments Off on Barap bolts & roof support

Learn how Barap Bolts were used to support roof structures in difficult situations. How Barap bolts & roof support were an essential part of roof construction in the 70's. QBIS. What is a Barap bolt? A metal rod with a thread at each end. Fitted through one or two u shaped bracket located [...]

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