Learn how a roof badly constructed can affect you.

And how a badly constructed roof can be fixed. QBIS.

No supporting prop to end of an under-purlin (horizontal beam fitted to midway point between the external wall and peak of the roof).

This can be supported with a beam supported off the external wall plate that extends towards the ridge with a prop off an internal wall.

How joints of under-pulin props should be supported.

Good example of correct method of support. Without proper support of a roof structure the risk of considerable sagging or potential for collapse is increased.

Badly constructed roof. Another poor example of how an under-purlin should not be supported.

These are examples of how important it is for building inspectors to physically climb within a roof, otherwise this potential danger (but easily rectifiable fault) would be missed in their inspection and become a buyers problem to have fixed.

What you need to know about the importance of correct roof support.

  • In most cases these roof structure problems can be easily rectified with addition supports fitted (where necessary) to help alleviate sagging of the roof.
  • Any supports fitted must be off the building internal walls or off an appropriate size beam.

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