Dry rot

2103, 2016

Dry rot, rising damp & inadequate ventilation

March 21st, 2016|Dry rot, Rising Damp, Ventilation|Comments Off on Dry rot, rising damp & inadequate ventilation

Inadequate ventilation, ground clearance and rising damp causing dry rot to sub-floor timber of a 1950’s cavity brick house. Rust marks to flooring nails from seepage and water ponding to the sub-floor area. These problems may attract termites, will cause further rot, may also cause health problems with inhabitants. […]

1403, 2016

Insufficient clearances & dry rot

March 14th, 2016|Dry rot|Comments Off on Insufficient clearances & dry rot


Extension to a large building in the western suburbs with insufficient clearance between the timber floor and the soil. Dry rot is very likely to occur due to inadequate clearances and lack of appropriate ventilation. Unfortunately there was no access below the floor to assess for problems, although rusting around the flooring nails in the […]

809, 2014

Dry rot

September 8th, 2014|Dry rot|0 Comments

Dry rot causing significant deterioration and fracturing to timber of sub-floor area of a house in the Northern suburbs. The deterioration is caused by seepage, ponding of water and insufficient ventilation of the sub-floor area.

Fungus is also forming to this sub-floor timber causing dry rot and deterioration. Also caused by lack of appropriate ventilation and […]

2108, 2014

Dry rot

August 21st, 2014|Dry rot|0 Comments

Condensation of water to sub-floor area of a house in the Camp Hill area causing rotting of timber from   insufficient Ventilation and ground clearance.

More dry rot to timber of the sub-floor area.