Concrete cancer (spalling)

2307, 2015

Concrete cancer (spalling)

July 23rd, 2015|Concrete cancer (spalling)|Comments Off on Concrete cancer (spalling)

Here are two very good examples of concrete cancer (proper terminology is spalling). This is caused from seepage through the concrete causing rusting of the reinforcing in turn causing deterioration to the concrete. Usually the concrete has not been vibrated enough (or not at all). In this particular case the garden beds were up against […]

2107, 2015

Concrete cancer (spalling)

July 21st, 2015|Concrete cancer (spalling), Importance of photos & access|Comments Off on Concrete cancer (spalling)

Concrete cancer (spalling). Here is an example of what the majority of inspectors would miss if not looking at the exterior of a building for problems. This is concrete cancer (spalling) occurring to slab edges of almost every balcony of this multi-storey unit block in the St Lucia area. Although this would be covered by […]

1507, 2015

Using the right product

July 15th, 2015|Concrete cancer (spalling), Drainage, Rising Damp|Comments Off on Using the right product

These concrete stumps were only replaced about 4 years previous to when these photos were taken. A combination of water entry, ponding of water, rising damp, salts in the soil and most importantly, the concrete stumps were not the right type of material to use in this particular circumstance. Either steel columns (preferably galvanized) or […]

504, 2015

Fractured concrete stumps

April 5th, 2015|Concrete cancer (spalling), Drainage, Fractured concrete stumps|Comments Off on Fractured concrete stumps

Photos of significantly fractured concrete stumps from water entry and ponding of water to sub-floor area of this house in the Camp Hill area. Sometimes it is preferable to replace concrete stumps with timber (believe it or not) also not steel as further deterioration may occur (depending on the type of soil) rust will also […]