Causes and concerns of concrete cancer defect.

Learn about concrete cancer defect, causes and fixing. QBIS.

Spalling is the correct terminology for concrete cancer. Deterioration to concrete from seepage causing rust to reinforcing within.

Concern about this serious problem is that when it starts it will continue and needs to be fixed ASAP.

Concrete cancer-defect

Probable causes of concrete cancer:

  • Most common cause is from water seepage through concrete causing rusting of reinforcing which expands and fractures the concrete, eventually causing the concrete to explode.
  • In this particular case concrete cancer was caused from continual watering of garden beds near external walls of the house allowing seepage through to a concrete support beam.

What you need to know about concrete cancer (spalling) defect:

  • Reinforcing fitted too close to the concrete surface is the most common cause of spalling.
  • Spalling can be a common problem in buildings situated close to sea water.
  • Salt spray that can travel quite a distance contributing to the effect

Concrete cancer can be very costly to have rectified! 

Procedure for concrete cancer remedial work:

  • Remove affected deteriorating concrete.
  • Cut off or grind reinforcing to remove any rust.
  • Drill into concrete, fit and secure reinforcing (where necessary).
  • Apply bonding compound to existing exposed concrete.
  • Box affected area.
  • Add new concrete.