Causes and concerns of concrete cancer defect.

Concrete cancer defect. Identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of  Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

Concrete cancer-defect

Concrete cancer (proper terminology is spalling).

Probable causes of defect:

  • Concrete cancer-spalling (in this particular case) a garden beds were against external brick walls of the house. With constant watering of the plants (from a timed watering system) this increased the spalling over a much shorter time frame.
  • Most common cause is from seepage through the concrete causing rusting of reinforcing that expands and causes fractures and eventually exploding of the concrete.

Important notes:

  • Spalling can be a common problem in buildings that are situated close to the ocean.
  • Concrete cancer can be very costly to rectify! 

Relevent material on concrete cancer/degradation/spalling:

LINK: Wikipedia on concrete degradation/cancer/spalling

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