Apartment balconies with concrete cancer.

Learn about balconies with concrete cancer, causes and remedy. QBIS.

This problem can become serious and costly to have rectified. Regular checks for signs of early stages of concrete Cancer are important with immediate action taken.

Concrete cancer to balconies

Common causes of concrete cancer (spalling).

  • Seepage through concrete causing rusting of steel reinforcing which expands then causes the concrete to fracture. This is concrete cancer (spalling).
  • Reinforcing being too close to concrete surface or edges causing it to rust then expand which causes fracturing of the concrete.
  • Salt in sea spray with buildings near to the ocean.

Recommended rectification of concrete cancer/spalling

  • Remove fractured concrete and rusted reinforcing
  • Treat exposed reinforcing with anti-rust treatment.
  • Apply a bonding compound to the original concrete slab edge.
  • Secure additional reinforcing for new concrete. It must be correctly secured to the existing slab
  • Refit new concrete.
  • Seal and waterproof any joints (gaps) to avoid seepage and deterioration from recurring.

What you need to know about building inspectors and unit balconies with concrete cancer (spalling).

Although this would be covered by the Body Corporate, it would still be very costly to the unit owners.

Unfortunately the majority of building inspectors will not inspect the exterior of apartment blocks.

Limited access by inspectors can prove to be costly, for potential buyers!