2812, 2015

Asbestos & Insurance companies

December 28th, 2015|Asbestos, Roof Problems|Comments Off on Asbestos & Insurance companies

Be aware that your insurance company may not cover you against problems caused with Asbestos roofs. Notify and check with your insurer before committing to a contract, so you know where you stand.

512, 2014

Asbestos in building materials

December 5th, 2014|Asbestos|Comments Off on Asbestos in building materials

Just a few examples of materials with Asbestos content that were commonly used in the building industry.

 Corrugated and flat fibro sheeting to walls and roof of a garage

 Corrugated fibro sheeting fitted to roof of a garage

 Flat fibro sheeting fitted to a sub-floor area

 Corrugated fibro roof sheeting.

 Flat fibro sheeting used as roof cladding

 Flat fibro sheeting to […]