Roof access by building inspector saved a buyer from a costly defect.

Roof access saved a buyer from a costly defect. Although this photo was taken 2006 in Strathpine, it has not lost its relevance. I considered it would be important to include in my Posts. QBIS.

  • The photo shows considerable sagging to the roof of a two storey house, the roof pitch was also too low for tiles.
  • Restructuring of the roof was required also replacing the roof tiles with cladding that would be more suitable for the low roof pitch.
  • Only 12 months previous to my inspection the sellers purchased the property after employing a combined building/pest inspection service. Their Inspector did not gain access to the roof exterior therefore did not identify the sagging roof problem.
  • Their inspector claimed he could check the roof from the inside. This was not possible due to the roof being a cathedral type with plaster cover over the structure.

How the home buyer saved money

  • My clients used this photograph to reduce the purchase price to compensate them for cost of the roof rectification, which was not unreasonable, considering they were not aware of the problem, before signing the contract.
  • The purchase price was reduced by approximately $14,000, this proves the “cheap combined” inspector cost the seller approximately $14,000 a very expensive inspection in 2006!
  • My clients saved themselves that amount and put it towards the rectification cost.

My detailed report saved them well over the inspection report cost, and they still bought the house!

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