Roof trusses bowing and their danger, in Forest Lake a Southern suburb of Brisbane.

Danger from bowing roof trusses. The buyer was made aware and got a reduction in the buying price to be compensated for this serious and potentially dangerous problem. QBIS.

Bowing of roof trusses-Danger 1

Sideways bowing of roof trusses:

  • Roof trusses supporting this concrete tiled roof were bowed sideways considerably, some as much as 100 mm.
  • This degree of bowing far exceeds the acceptable tolerance level
  • Potentially making the roof structure structurally unsound.
  • The roof structure could collapse in differing weather conditions.

Roof trusses are not designed to take sideways pressure.

Dangerous roof structure

Previous inspection report omitted bowing of roof trusses:

This major fault was not identified in the previous building inspection report carried out for the current owners/sellers, this omission cost them a sale!

Recommended rectification:

  • Remove roof tiles.
  • Straighten and reinforce the roof trusses.
  • Remove insulation (if fitted).
  • Remove and replace ceiling linings where necessary.
  • Repaint ceilings and walls.

This would be costly and disruptive as it would not be achievable safely with the owners still occupying the house.

Alternative solution to bowing roof trusses.

  • Replace roof tiles with light weight metal roof sheeting.
  • Fit more securing to the roof structure for tying down.
  • Fit larger roof battens for sheeting support.
  • Straighten the roof trusses (reinforce if necessary).
  • Resecure or replace ceiling plaster where required.

Recommend fitting insulation below the roof sheeting.

Some examples showing the importance of employing a competent independent building inspector with practical solutions to a serious fault.