Water entry from balcony to an apartment.

Water entry to apartment from balcony. QBIS.

Undersize reliefs cause of water entry to apartment from balcony

Inadequate relief:

Reliefs fitted to brick walls of this balcony were insufficient in their size to allow water to escape in driving rain. Water entry to living areas of the apartment will occur.

Inside of undersized relief hole to the balcony, almost covered by floor tile, making it practically useless.

Water entry from balcony to an apartment

Poor design:

Photo showing the enclosed balcony walls, making it totally reliant upon the reliefs and their capacity to allow the water to escape, quickly!

As you can see in this photo, there is very little height difference between the outside balcony and inside floor level of the apartment. Driving rain will enter the apartment from this balcony.

Water entry to an apartment from balcony

Important note:

  • The problem would be relatively easy to rectify by fitting larger reliefs through the brick walls (below the railings).
  • This will allow water to escape as quickly as it enters to outside, where it will not cause damage.

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