Examples of vermin damage to electrical fittings within a roof.

Dangers of vermin damage to electrical fittings. These photos show vermin damage from to down-lights and wiring in the roof of a relatively new house. QBIS.

In most cases this potentially dangerous problem can be rectified by a qualified electrician for a reasonable outlay.

Vermin damage to electrical fittings       Electrical fitting damage from vermin

Vermin damage to cables and downlights within a roof.

This shows the importance of periodic inspections to roof interiors by qualified electricians. Although safety switches fitted to power and light circuits are highly recommended, they may not be enough to protect you and the house against hazards that may develop from these faults. Check with a qualified electrician for advice.

Potential dangers of vermin damage to electrical cables and fittings within a roof:

  • Can be dangerous to anyone that accesses the roof interior.
  • Potentially cause electrocution also fire hazards.
  • Do not rely upon safety switches alone for protection, as they can become faulty.

Never attempt to fix damaged cables or installations, a licensed electrician must be employed.

What to do if you are aware of vermin damaged cables and installations.

  • Notify qualified electrician or your power supplier immediately, when aware of any damage.
  • If advised: Turn all power circuits off before the electrician arrives.

Do not attempt to fix, it is not worth risking your life to save a few dollars!  

A couple of tips on safety.

  • Turn off all power and light circuits at the switchboard, before entering a roof void and/or sub-floor area.
  • Never use silver foil building paper as insulation over your ceilings. This can potentially cause electrocution of anyone accessing the roof interior also trap heat and cause fires.