Learn why veranda’s need flashing to avoid seepage and rot.

Problems caused from veranda’s without flashing causing seepage and how to avoid. QBIS.

Lack of flashings fitted to veranda’s is a common fault that can easily be avoided

  • Seepage will occur from this veranda to the living areas below, this is dependent on the severity of a storm, direction and driving rain.
  • This can cause sagging and damage to the lower level ceiling linings.
  • Rotting of timber (if consistent leaking occurs).

Builders often underestimate the driving force of rain, regardless of a veranda size!

Veranda’s without flashing causing seepage and how to eliminate.

  • Fit flashing’s where the veranda is attached to the house should eliminate the fault.
  • In some cases this cannot be achieved where a wall frame of a Queenslander is exposed without also fitting weatherboards . The weatherboards would need to extend over the flashing.

In most cases, this can be easily rectified by a competent tradeperson at a reasonable expense.