Costly omissions in building inspection reports by unlicensed inspectors.

Unlicensed inspectors mistakes that have cost home buyers a lot of money.

The above photo showing water under the house was not mentioned in a report carried by an unlicensed inspector working for a large building inspection company. Neither were the following faults. QBIS.

Unlicensed inspectors mistakes that proved costly

Rusting flooring nails from seepage and rising damp.

Seepage through a retaining walls and rising damp from the slab was causing the flooring to buckle and lift in places. Moisture meter readings taken were considerably higher than normally expected.

The buyer had to pay the cost of rectification of this serious problem their unlicensed inspector missed.

What you need to know about omissions made by an unlicensed inspector.

These costly problems were not identified by the previous inspector, only a matter of weeks before these photos were taken.

Seepage and rising damp must not be under-estimated. They can cause deterioration, attract termites and can cause health problems with inhabitants.

Be warned about using unlicensed inspectors and the consequences.

  • The previous Inspector was employed by one of the largest building and pest inspection firms in Queensland and was not licensed.
  • Name and license numbers on the report were that of a company director, not the inspector.
  • Unlicensed building inspectors would not be covered by indemnity insurance.

Other items not mentioned in the unlicensed inspectors building report.

  • Water pooling under the house from drainage issues.
  • Rusted roof sheeting.
  • Leaking bathroom causing rot.
  • Rising damp.

These omissions in the previous report denied the buyer an opportunity to renegotiate or to consider alternative properties.

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