How undersized box gutters can cause damage. 

What you need to know about undersized Box gutters, their impact and how to overcome their problems. QBIS.


Problems with undersized box gutter and this roof.

  • Roof sheeting was too short.
  • Gutter was secured where water travels
  • Rotting of the ceiling linings below indicate the gutter has leaked or overflowed consistently.
  • Relief hole was also required to end of the box gutter.

Good builders usually avoid fitting box gutters that have greater tendency to overflow.

What you need to know about undersized box gutters.

  • Regardless of how they are fitted, box gutters have a tendency to overflow in adverse weather conditions
  • Reliefs are often not fitted.
  • Box gutters are often not large enough to allow for extreme storms.
  • Consistent overflowing of box gutters will cause rot to concealed timber.

Govt ABCB: Gutters and downpipes

QBCC: Roofing information

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