Facts on thermal imaging cameras and their misleading 

Thermal imaging camera facts. Don’t be conned! QBIS.

  • Thermal imaging devices are handy as a tool to verify what the inspector must already know but must not be relied upon as the only means to determine a problem.
  • Thermal Imaging devices have been designed to pick up temperature variations only! 
  • They are not an X-ray machine (as some unscrupulous people will try and lead you to believe).

Don’t take my word for it, do your own checking on the manufacturers sites and you will find nothing mentioned about seeing through walls nor guarantees that they will pick up leaking, seepage, rising damp and termite damage (current or otherwise).

Facts on thermal imaging

If anyone states otherwise, demand a written guarantee from them!

  • Although we may use a thermal imaging camera in our inspections, we do not rely upon them solely on making a conclusion on any particular problem without drawing on many years of experience.
  • We also use other more effective tools, such as a moisture meter and powerful LED torch  to reinforce comments on a potential problem before including the comments in a report.

Thermal imaging camera and facts

Thermal imaging devices can be mislead the buyer into thinking there is nothing wrong, this can be a very costly mistake!

Important notes:

Thermal imaging cameras must be used with the following methods and devices to determine if their images of potential problems are accurate:

  • A quality calibrated moisture meter, preferably with digital readings.
  • Visual, looking at an area from different angles.
  • Powerful torch to look for signs of defects.
  • Removal of linings (if possible) to allow for an accurate assessment for source of a problem.

All of the images in this post are only showing temperature variations between different materials. They are NOT SHOWING ANYTHING THROUGH walls or installations.

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