Termite damage to walls of house covered up, in the West End area, a Southern suburb of Brisbane,

Termite damaged walls covered up. Exposed by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

Be aware that cladding was often fitted to cover rotten or termite damaged timber, both external and internal.

Covered up termite damaged walls

Termite damaged walls cover-up:

  • Often potential buyers are misled by the seller or agent into believing they can merely remove cladding to expose original linings behind the cladding. This is not always the case!
  • No one can determine condition or existence of linings behind without removing the cladding covering them.
  • Termite damage to walls can be costly to rectify.

Termite damage to walls covered up

Some Queenslanders and post war era houses often have cladding fitted to hide Asbestos materials.

Important. Cladding is often fitted to exterior of buildings for the following reasons

  • Asthetics and a different look
  • Not wanting to repaint timber boards
  • Sometimes to cover rotting, termite or borer damaged timber.
  • To cover Asbestos material
  • Door sales people selling their commission based product.

Some relevent material

QBCC Booklet on Termite management systems

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