Alterations of roof trusses causing danger of roof collapsing, what were they thinking? 

Severely altered roof trusses. QBIS. Cutting out the bottom chords of these roof trusses to fit a garage door could have proven dangerous, if not for advice from Peter Weddell on how to rectify the problem, economically.

Severely altered roof trusses and danger

  • Bottom chords (horizontal main supports) of the roof trusses have been cut out to accommodate the tilt-door track above this garage.
  • Caused significant weakening of the roof structure.
  • Creating a high probability of the roof collapsing also damage and/or injury.

Just the tile weight alone could cause a dangerous situation of collapsing.

Altered trusses and most economical solution.

  • Replace the concrete tiles with metal roof sheeting.
  • Reinforce damaged sections of the roof trusses.
  • Fit more securing to the roof structure for tying down.

More securing would be necessary to the roof structure when having  roof tiles replaced with metal sheeting.

This problem was brought to the attention of the seller and fixed before it became a more serious problem.