Garage of unit with seepage through slab above, in St Lucia, a Western suburb of Brisbane,

Seepage above unit garage, identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service.

Seepage above garage of a unit

Here are photos of a recent inspection of a common area of a multi-storey unit block in the western suburbs. The underground garages have a concrete slab above them with no/or inadequate waterproofing and soil placed over the concrete.

Seepage has occurred through the concrete ceiling slab above the garages causing deterioration, this will eventually cause concrete cancer, otherwise known as spalling.

Some unqualified person has sealed the cracks from underneath, this is not how to address the problem.

Any problem must always be fixed at it’s source (beneath the grass above) not as in this case, after the moisture has penetrated and affected the slab.

Seepage above unit garage.

Important points.

A building inspector that does not look at the common property will not pick up these serious faults. Don’t rely solely upon the Body Corporate records, as they are not always aware of problems and may only note that there was a problem and in their view it has been rectified. As you can see by the photos, NOT PROPERLY!

This will be an on going problem unless it is rectified by a professional that knows what they are doing!

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