Improper method of correcting deterioration to concrete slab.

Seepage through slab above a unit garage causing damage to concrete. QBIS.

Seepage through slab above garage of a unit

Inspection of a unit complex common area identified this serious problem of seepage causing concrete to deteriorate.

The underground garages have a concrete slab above them with grass and soil over the top.

  • Seepage was occuring through the concrete slab due to inadequate waterproofing (or none).
  • Soil placed over the slab was contributing to the problem.
  • Continual seepage through the slab was causing the concrete to deteriorate, this will eventually cause concrete cancer, otherwise known as spalling.
  • Sealant has been applied to cracks of the slab underside, this will not fix the problem.

Any problem must always be fixed at it’s source (top side of the slab, beneath the grass and soil) not, as in this case, after the moisture has penetrated and caused deterioration to parts of the concrete slab.

How to ensure your building inspector identifies seepage above a unit garage in a common property area.

  • Make sure your building inspector looks at the common property (where possible).
  • Do not rely solely upon the Body Corporate records for determining problems.
  • Body Corporate managers are not building inspectors and may not be aware of serious faults.
  • Speak to unit owners or tenants for any problems they may be aware of that may affect you as a part owner of the complex.

This serious problem should be identified by any competent building inspector that is prepared to look at the common property (where possible).

Govt: Waterproofing requirements

QBCC: Waterproofing requirements, decks and balconiess

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