Sagging roofs in Brisbane.

Sagging roofs in Brisbane. This problem could not be seen from ground level and severity of the problem could not be determined from the roof interior. QBIS.

Sagging roof truss


Here is an example of the top chord of a roof truss that has a considerable sag to it, the sagging was extensive. It would have been costly and not economically viable to reinforce the complete roof structure of this house. Replacement of the tiles with a lighter weight metal roof would be a viable option.


Metal sheeting is a much lighter product than roof tiles. The structure would require more securing for tying down also to avoid uplift occurring in a storm. This can be easily achieved when the roof tiles have been removed.  A suitable more economical solution would be to have the roof tiles removed and replaced with metal sheeting.

Worth noting:

It would also allow the opportunity to have insulation fitted below the roof sheeting. This is not possible to do after the sheeting has been fitted. Insulation can, in most cases be fitted above the ceilings at a later date.

Sagging roofs in Brisbane

Important Point:

It can be very costly if your inspector is not prepared to access the roof exterior also roof interior and potentially allow you to negotiate a price that reflects the problem before you buy, then it becomes your problem and at your expense, when you go to sell the house in the future. You at least need to be aware so you can make an informed decision, before proceeding.

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