Poor method of construction causing rusting of columns.

Rusting columns within slab edges from design and construction fault. Learn why this method of construction should be outlawed and how to avoid. QBIS.

This method of construction is impractical and must be avoided at any cost to avoid serious faults it causes. 

Design fault causing columns to rust

Rusting columns from design fault.

Rusting column within slab to corner of a sub-floor extension. This is one of the most common faults I encounter during inspections of raised houses with ground floor extensions. This problem is standard poor design and cannot be fixed after construction of the extension.

Rusting of columns from design fault

Problems that are likely from faulty design causing columns rusting.

  • Rust has occurred to columns within perimeter of the slab edges.
  • This will cause cracking of the slab as further rusting occurs.
  • Has a high probabilty of allowing termite access points and possible damage to the house.

Effective physical termite barriers cannot be fitted with this method of construction.

How to avoid rusting columns caused by design fault.

The problem of rusted columns can easily be overcome before construction. With a little bit more thought going into methods used before construction commences with minimal additional cost this problem can be avoided.

Although this is a common standard of building practice, it should be outlawed as it causes serious faults!

What to do to help alleviate some rusting of steel columns within slab edges.

Although this fault cannot be effectively eliminated after construction, here are some tips that may help.

  • Remove soil from bases of columns.
  • Remove rust where possible.
  • Apply anti-rust treatment.
  • Use penetrating treatment where access cannot be gained.
  • Make sure water does not pond around columns.