Rotting timber stumps.

Rotting timber stumps. QBIS.

Concrete is often poured around bases of old rotten and termite damaged stumps to conceal damage.

The first photo shows a timber stump that at first glance appears to be in reasonable condition, but the next closeup photo tells a different story, by showing the true condition of the stump.

Rotting timber stumps 1

Rotting timber stumps. Important notes:

  • The cheapest consideration is to only replace the worst ones. This is not recommended!
  • The best long term solution is to replace all the stumps at the same time. This will avoid problems occurring from the remaining stumps continuing to move. Further movement will cause problems when painting and renovating the house.
  • If considering replacing the timber stumps with steel columns, make sure they are galvanised and preferably bolted to a concrete footing platform, with the platform being at least 100 mm above the soil level, rather than having the steel extend into the concrete. This will help avoid rusting, also make them much easier to replace in the future.

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