Weatherboards rotting from being untreated.

Rotting of untreated weatherboards. Although these photos of a newly renovated house were taken in 2005,  I thought it would be important to make home buyers or owners aware of the importance of using treated timber as a more suitable exterior cladding. QBIS.

Untreated weatherboards that are rotting

Rotting of untreated softwood weatherboards.

The rot was significant and extensive to external walls of a house in Yeronga, rectification would be costly. No amount of repainting will save these rotting weatherboards. Removing and replacing is the only long term option.

Procedure for replacing rotting weatherboards:

  • Set up scaffolding.
  • Remove and replace any rotting boards
  • If necessary: Replace any rotten concealed wall framing.
  • Repaint the house exterior.

Tip: Replace boards with more suitable product for external use, such as treated timber, preferably hardwood.