Gutter guards causing rusting of roof sheeting.

Roof rusting from gutter guards. Courtesy of Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

These examples were taken from different areas of a roof showing examples of why it is not a good idea to have gutter guards fitted to a corrugated zincalume roof.

Accumulation of leaves and small branches over a short period have caused the roof sheeting to rust severely in places

Rusting to roof sheets caused by gutter guards

Debris has also accumulated below the gutter guards, this will cause premature rusting of the gutters as well as the roof sheeting.

Roof rusting from gutter guards

Percieved convenience can prove to be costly.

Other problems caused by gutter guards:

  • Accumulation of debris and leaves below the gutter guards that cannot be cleared.
  • Consistent overflowing of gutters from being restricted.
  • Premature rusting of roof gutters from debris accumulating.
  • Blocking and rusting of the downpipes.
  • Rot to eave mouldings
  • Fascia-boards.
  • Concealed timber of eaves.
  • Potential water entry to interior of the house.

Any of the above can be costly items to have rectified.


  • Regular inspections of roof sheeting, gutters, valleys, skylights, solar panels for accumulation of debris and leaves.
  • Check stormwater system for blocking and/or damage from tree roots.
  • Fit more and/or larger down-pipes.
  • Fit more and/or larger stormwater pipes that exit to the street (where possible).

Roof rusting from gutter guards.

Worth knowing:

  • Check your roof and gutters on a regular basis and clear them of any debris.
  • Rather than having to replace the roof sheeting and the gutters much earlier than expected.
  • Save money, inspect and have them cleared, regularily.

It is far more expensive to replace roof sheeting than the roof gutters. 

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