Roof leaking points, Brisbane.

Roof leaking points around Brisbane.Sealant to sides of this roof vent indicates leaking has occurred around it. QBIS.

Rectification: Fit a wider flashing around the vent to ensure water tightness.

Roof leaking points-Brisbane 1

Roof vent:

Problem: The vanes allow direct water entry to interior of the roof.

Rectification: Remove and replace with a low profile fixed roof vent. These are far less likely to leak.

Vent pipe:

Problem: The lead flashing must extend over the highest points of the tile and curve down into the lower points. This is a common fault with improper fitting of flashing around vent pipes.

Rectification: Remove existing flashing and replace with flashing that has sufficient cover that will not allow for seepage to occur and potentially cause rot to the roof frame also possible damage to the ceiling lining.

This is how vent pipe flashing’s should be fitted with flashing facing down into lower portion of the roof tiles. Flashing’s should never be curved upwards.

Capping tiles:

Lead flashing required to top of the capping tile, it must also extent up and below the tile above to avoid leaking causing rot to the timber below.

Translucent tiles:

These translucent tiles have copious amounts of sealant around them indicating consistent leaking has occurred. Flashing’s required to achieve more cover.

Roof leaking points around Brisbane. Some information that may be of help.

Qld Govt Standards and Tolerances Guide

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