Learn how building inspectors can cost you money if they do not access a roof.

Learn the importance of a roof inspection and how it may potentially save you money in renegotiation and compensation if faults are identified. QBIS.


A badly damaged roof not identified by previous building inspector.

This roof was damaged from bending of the roof sheets to create fall rather than join the roof at its peak and have a ridge flashing fitted. The roof sheeting required replacing to avoid leaking.

Would your building inspector be prepared to access the roof exterior to identify this costly problem? If not, the cost to rectify the defect becomes your problem, after the opportunity for negotiating the purchase price has past. I’m sure you would want to know about the roof condition!

This roof could not be accessed or assessed from the inside due to being a cathedral ceiling type of construction.

Roof inspection importance. Don’t be conned by building inspectors, regarding roof access!

Don’t be conned by inspectors that claim they can check out the roof from the inside via the access hole, this roof had no access to the interior. Costly mistake for a buyer if an inspection of the roof is not carried out!

How to make sure your building inspectors is doing their job also making them aware of roof inspection and its importance.

  • Attend inspection at same time as the inspector.
  • Watch to make sure they access the roof exterior, especially if they have said they will.
  • If the roof is unsafe for access, make sure they place their ladder against each side of roof to allow for assessment.
  • Insist they physically climb within the roof space, when possible.
  • Ask before employing if they access the roof exterior and thake photos for proof of access.
  • Also ask if they get in the roof if insulation has been fitted, not silver foil blanket, this is potentially dangerous.

QBCC regarding Roof Flashings

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