Learn about leaking roofs and damage they cause.

Roof gutter overflowing damage. QBIS.


  • Every type of roof will leak at some stages over its life.
  • Leaking often occurs in differing weather conditions.
  • Consistent leaking from a roof is what causes problems and must be addressed ASAP.

In most cases, water evaporates before it causes any long term damage.

Current leaking from hip area of a roof.

Leaking from hip area. This is generally an unusual location for leaking to occur. In this case it is from the capping tiles requiring bedding also from lack of plastic membrane below them. Valleys, skylights, vent pipes and split level sections of a roof have a much higher probability of leaking occurring.

Damage from leaking roof

Broken roof tile causing leak and damage.

Although building paper has been fitted below tiles of this roof, water has found its way through causing damage to ceiling below. If left unattended the ceiling will sag to a degree when it will require replacing.

This example shows the importance of having your roof checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Leak from roof causing damage

Leak from indirect scource causing rot to part of roof structure also damage to ceiling.

Here is an example of how water can travel from an area remote from where it is causing damage. This sometimes makes it difficult or impossible to determine the scource of water entry, to effectively rectify the problem. A broken tile was the cause.

Problems roof leaking can cause.

  • Water entry to interior of the house and/or garage.
  • Rot to plaster, roof and/or wall framing.
  • Saturation of insulation weighing heavily upon the ceiling linings.
  • Wet timber may attract termites.
  • Cause mould to wall and ceiling linings.
  • Breathing problems with inhabitants of a building, especially if mould is forming.
  • Damage to cupboards, skirtings, architraves.