Coverup of defects with roofs

Roof defects covered up. The photo above not only shows paint over rusted roof sheeting but also an improperly fitted roof sheet with its side lap facing up. Side overlaps of roof sheeting must face down into the corrugation of the sheet it is covering to avoid leaking to roof interior and potential damage from rot. QBIS

Here are some examples

of what some sellers will do for the sake of a sale. From the ground the roof looked as if it had recently been replaced, these close-up photos tell a different story.

Covered-up roof defects


Significantly rusted roof sheeting that has been painted over to make it look as if it has been replaced, when observing it from ground level.

Inside the roof tells a different story!

Bear in mind if building paper was fitted below the roof sheeting the only way the rusted roof could have been accurately assessed is from the exterior.

Make sure your inspector gets on the roof!

Damage to ceiling lining caused by consistent roof leaking.

Roof problems and defects covered up

More patched and painted over rusted roof sheeting.


Obtain quotes on replacing all the rusted roof sheeting and flashing’s at the same time.

Roof defects covered up. Important notes: 

  • Do not mix zincalume with galvanised sheeting or flashing’s otherwise corrosion will occur between them.
  • They must be replaced in one or the other.

The buyer and the agent thought the roof sheeting had been replaced, both were mislead by the unscrupulous seller. The photos helped expose the sellers cover-up!

It would not have been possible for the buyer to fully comprehend the severity of the problem without photos in a report!


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