Risks with inaccurate vendor reports, problems identified in a building inspection

Inaccurate vendor reports with risks. Identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.


Risks associated with inaccurate vendor reports

Potential danger:

Paper insulation has accumulated around down-lights and electrical fittings within this roof which can cause a potential fire hazard. This serious and potentially dangerous problem was not mentioned in the vendors report, supplied to the prospective buyer.

Inaccurate vendor report 3

Although quite obvious to any competent building inspector. The different types of roof sheeting (galvanized and zincalume) were not mentioned in the vendors report.

They must never have contact, otherwise corrosion will occur between these incompatible materials.

More accumulation of paper insulation around electrical fittings to roof area of a traditional Queenslander.

Although it would be highly recommended that cowlings be fitted (and secured to ceiling linings) this will help prevent accumulation of insulation from occurring around the fittings, but they must be periodically checked and cleared, if necessary.

If fitted:

Tops of cowlings MUST NOT BE COVERED, this can also cause potential fire hazards.

Inaccurate vendors report 3

Risks with inaccurate vendor reports, additional notes:

How cheap is a free report handed to you by the agent if costly items are not identified.

This becomes the buyers problem with cost of rectification coming out of their pocket when the opportunity for renegotiating or terminating the contract is long gone. 

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