How damage to brickwork occurs from salts and rising damp and how to have it rectified.

Learn about rising damp and salts causing damage to brick walls and how this serious fault can be fixed. QBIS.

Rising damp and salts causing damage to brick walls. Rectification method 1:

  • First locate matching bricks from a fence, barbeque or from another wall that could be replaced with alternative product.
  • Support bricks above areas that require rectification.
  • Remove damaged bricks.
  • Fit new physical damp-course barrier.
  • Relay matching bricks with similar colored mortar.

Highly effective but labour intensive and costly!

Damage to brickwork from salts. Rectification method 2:

  • Drill into bricks and mortar at required intervals.
  • Inject a chemical damp-course barriers that permiates the bricks and mortar.

Cheaper but not as effective. Chemical barrier may break down over time.

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