Damage caused with pool equipment located near brick walls.

Problem with pool equipment near brick walls can be avoided. QBIS.


This is what damage leaking pool equipment can cause to brickwork. Although this is not likely to cause major structural damage, it is not good, especially when trying to sell your house.

Cause of damage from pool equipment near external brick walls.

This problem is usually caused by chlorine or salt water leaking from pool equipment or pipe connections leaking. Mortar between the bricks will deteriorate first, then the bricks. Affected areas need to be removed and reconstructed with matching bricks and mortar.

When having your pool built and its equipment fitted.

Have the pool equipment located away from anything it is likely to cause damage to, if leaking occurs. If possible also have the pool constructed away from your house. Chlorine or salt water from your pool will also cause damage to external walls of a house.

Some recommendations on fixing damage caused by pool equpment near brick walls.

If equipment is already connected:

  • Have waterproof render applied over the brick wall.
  • Fit sheeting between the equipment and brick wall.
  • Relocate equipment away from brick wall.

Check with an expert before carrying out rectification.

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