Learn how insulation can be a danger to home owners/tradespeople and what to do to avoid.

Potential dangers with insulation. Fatalities have occurred to some installers of silver foil (building paper). This could potentially happen to anyone that may gain access to the roof interior of a house. QBIS

What to look out for to avoid potential dangers with insulation/building paper:

  • Accumulation of insulation around electrical fittings within the roof area.
  • Silver foil (building paper) covering electrical fittings.
  • Enclosure of cowlings (fitted around downlights).
  • Damage to electrical wiring from vermin.

Dangers with insulation arould electrical

Downlight with cowling as protection.

Here is an excellent example of how to keep insulation clear of down-lights and their transformers. The plastic cowling has also been secured to the ceiling lining to avoid it from becoming dislodged. An upsidedown bucket can also be used with its bottom cut out.

Regular roof interior inspections (recommend employing a professional):

Highly recommend checking the following, in particular after storms.

  • Accumulated of insulation around electrical fittings.
  • Securing of cowlings.
  • Make sure insulation has not entered tops of the cowlings.
  • Look for any damaged electrical wiring and fittings, caused by vermin.

Power and light circuits must be turned off before entering the roof void. 

Danger of insulation cover

Dangerous product to use as an insulating material.

Silver foil used as an insulation material is next to useless and potentially dangerous, especially when it is covering electrical fittings, this may cause potential fire hazards also possibly danger of electrocution. This material is a potential danger and must be removed immediately by professionals.

Some tips on avoiding potential dangers with insulation

  • Avoid using sprayed-in insulation, it has a tendency to cover electrical fittings over time and create potential fire hazards.
  • Never use silver foil sheeting over ceilings or near electrical cables.
  • Create required clearances around electrical fittings.
  • Consider replacing foil or loose insulation with an effective insulating product that is not potentially dangerous!

Safety tips before entering confined spaces where electrical cables are fitted:

  • Turn off all power & light circuits before entering interior of roof or sub-floor.
  • Do not enter roof if silver foil (building paper) has been fitted over ceilings. This could be covering damaged electrical wires and potentially cause electrocution.

If uncertain, have a professional do the checking for you.