Potential collapse of retaining walls.

Potential collapsing of retaining walls. QBIS.

Potential for collapsing of retaining walls

The height of this retaining wall is way beyond the manufacturers recommendations.

This wall is deviating from movement. Further movement is highly likely which may cause it to collapse.

Retaining walls in danger of collapsing

This type of retaining walls is not suitable for retaining large volumes of soil.

These examples do not comply with Building Code and their manufacturers requirements.

Important notes:

  • Always check with the manufacturers specifications before building retaining walls using pre-made forms.
  • Retaining walls that are constructed over 1 metre in height  must engineer designed and Council approved
  • They must be supported by suitably designed and reinforced footings.
  • Check with your local Council or consult a qualified private Certifier before considering building retaining walls above 1metre.

Retaining walls can move or collapse from:

  • Soil pressure against them.
  • Differing weather conditions.
  • Lack of drainage (this is dependent upon the construction type)
  • Poor construction.
  • Incorrect design
  • Height of the wall being greater than the design requirements.

Potential collapsing of retaining walls. Do your own research.

There is a considerable amount of free literature available on the internet.

From manufacturers that have spent a lot of time and money on research and development that you can benefit from.

Some are also available to help advise you on what would best suit your situation.

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